Monday, December 21, 2009

J SHOES featured on Lee Turgesen in movie Silver Tongues

J SHOES are featured in a two-time award-winning independent film - Silver Tongues on actor Lee Turgesen. Lee was on the show Oz and in the movie Wayne's World.

SILVER TONGUES follows a couple, GERRY and JOAN, who use their talent for acting and performance as part of a dark game. Driving from town to town, the two lovers don different personas to deceive and disrupt the lives of the people in their path. But each manipulation begins to take its toll. Soon the performances spiral out of control, and the game itself threatens their very relationship.

Simon Arthur is a first time feature director and writer. Simon grew up in Scotland and studied at the Screen Academy of Scotland in Edinburgh where he received his MFA in Advanced Screen Practice. He wrote and directed two short films, which played at numerous film festivals and garnering critical aclaim and awards. The first short entitled REBEL SONG won awards at the Asheville Film Festival, Schweitzer Lakedance Film Festival, Lake Forest Film Festival, Twin Rivers Media Festival, and Woods Hole Film Festival. His second short entitled SILVER TONGUES is a character study and show piece for the feature film of the same title. The short won awards at Rainier Film Festival, Westchester Film Festival, Southern Winds Film Festival, and Poppy Jasper Film Festival.

Jared Moshe is the principal partner at Sidetrack Films, an independent production and financing company. The company's films include 2005 IDA Award Winner FAVELA RISING, 2007 Sundance premiere LOW AND BEHOLD and the groundbreaking documentary KURT COBAIN ABOUT A SON.

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