Monday, April 27, 2009

J SHOES & MICA team up


Last year...students created the most wonderful pieces of art and fashion using single J SHOES! What will this year's students create using 5 J SHOES?!?! Wait to see!!! We want your vote!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Stacey McKenzie & J SHOES style SORRENTO

How stunning is Stacey McKenzie?

She is extra-ordinary! An internationally recognized fashion model she is the epitome of fashion: "making this world a more beautiful place!" When Stacey's publicists, Annette (an old friend) phoned in a request for Stacey we were thrilled. Stacey found J SHOES! She loves the brand, the product and this style. Despite all the solicitations she received to ask for a product is a supreme compliment. Naturally, we have been thrilled and look forward to working with her more closely. {Stacey is photographed in Barbados in her J SHOES _style SORRENTO. This is the same design the editors of NYLON Magazine highlighted last week.}

Not familiar with Stacey? Welcome then…..after being told, early in her career, that she was too distinctive for the Canadian market, she moved to New York. She was immediately picked up by Elite Model Management.
Unprepared for the challenges of a modeling career, McKenzie returned to Canada and finished high school. In 1995, she moved to Paris, France to pursue modeling further. During her first season, she modeled for top designers including Jean Paul Gaultier, Thierry Mugler and Christian Lacroix. She also landed her first campaign with photographer Oliviero Toscani for Benetton
In the wake of her initial success in Paris, McKenzie was commissioned to work in markets around the globe including Paris, London, Italy, Austria, US and Japan. She worked for Alexander McQueen, Betsey Johnson, Tommy Hilfiger, Todd Oldham, Michiko Koshino and Jean Paul Gaultier. Her magazine covers include Essence, Le Monde and Panache, as well as editorials in Vogue (US, Japan, Korean, British, Spanish), Harper’s Bazaar, Interview, Flare, Fashion, and Vibe Magazine. She has appeared in a number major campaigns including Calvin Klein CK, Jean Paul Gaultier, MAC, Mexx, Reebok, Todd Oldham Jeans, Nordstrom, Barneys, and Banana Republic. In February 2008, McKenzie modeled at Toronto Fashion Week. In 2009, McKenzie returned to Toronto Fashion Week where she walked the runway exclusively for Xuly Bet in the Arise African Collective fashion show.
Ms. McKenzie has also established a company called Walk This Way Workshops. Originally catering to aspiring and established models and all aspects of the modeling industry, McKenzie decided to build Walk This Way Workshops as a self-esteem company geared to all different types of people. She is the epitome of beauty and a reason J SHOES finds her so attractive!
In May 2007, McKenzie added professional speaking to her offering and was a special speaker for a brunch benefit held by the Canadian Mental Health Association. In her speaking engagements, she discusses the challenges of self-esteem in young adults and how to gain confidence through self-acceptance. Ms. McKenzie continues to do motivational speaking engagements with inner city kids and schools.

For more information about J SHOES or the style SORRENTO please call the US corporate headquarters at 410 902 0584.

For more information about Stacey please contact Annette Libby at


HABITAT - custom decor to compliment!

I travel almost 200 days a year visting retailers throughout Canada, South America & the USA. When I come across those who customize their shops with an eye towards fashion (not trend) and then have the audacity to stock the finest (emerging) labels I applaud them. Habitat Shoes got it right!

John and Kristen are two independent owners making a name for themselves in an over retailed, over exposed, over extended market (lifestyle footwear). They are, and will continue to set the precendent for new and exciting.

Plus, what I dig the most is that they are not overly funded. All they do is considerate, on a budget and with their "skin" on the line.

RELISH in those who dare to be different. Visit their e-Commerce shop or phone them. They are real people, really invested in making retail a more engaging place!

What happens when you are sample size?

Every wish you were sample size?

John McClain doesn't - he is....and what a lucky dude.

Get a load of that slot wall behind him! Everyone hates slot wall. Not his shop - - custom laminate clean, smart and easy to see.

Plus check out the shine on that concrete floor. I though it was poly coated. NOPE - a custom foundation they treated without polurethane.

Yeap - it matches the custom concrete counter tops: these guys got it goin' on!

And they have an e-Commerce store for easy of shopping. Google them! (Habitat shoes)

Habitat - the best of the best?! : - )

TOP GUN! * arguably the finest lifestyle boutique in the MidWest.
Merchandising excellence - hard to tell if I was in a lounge, clothing store or shoe boutique.
Certainly, the assortment of shoe brands was amazing and quickly dismissed any confusion. Plus the shop's name reminded me why it's called HABITAT - decor is brilliant!
(I could live here! A brilliant touch!)

Nuff Said!


Arguably the finest lifestyle shoe store in the MidWest & dear friends.....reminding us all that through smart merchandising and in store events consumers are still shopping! We dig your style and are proud to be associated with your shop! Myles

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Johns rockin it in J SHOES' Starrs during their March performance at the Annex in NYC. Visit to view their upcoming schedule.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Habitat: what you live in

ONE DAY SALE --Thursday, April 16th at -- good for 25% off all new spring goods, including J SHOES!!!
A sale not to miss:
Coupon code: SPRING25
Use at checkout.

(Don't forget to check out the J SHOES' metro.pop boots online as well!!)

J SHOES in Thailand

J SHOES travels to Bangkok for the Spring 2010 line review.