Thursday, October 30, 2008

Nashville Countdown

Nashville Clothing Company, Nashville, TN -- This CMT Countdown host, Lance Smith is a true fan of the brand! I think we would be number one on his top 20!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

J SHOES teams up with our friends at Laced Up (atlanta, ga) and the King Tut exhibit to introduce two items to the Tutlanta tribe. J SHOES will introduce two King Tut Shoes for men and women sold exclusively at Laced Up. Visit!! Shoe images coming soon!

What say U??

Come on crazy people -- we want to celebrate YOU. Show us pics of you or your friend or your grandma or your favorite house pet in your J SHOES. We know you are wearing them, show us what you got! Image by Roman Sigaev.

Who What Wear??? delivers the goods on top fashion trends. This submission features Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl in J SHOES' empire boots! Visit to purchase!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Style Magazine Baltimore

Jessica Ford, costume designer and professor at MICA along with myself and Brian Lawrence, Style Magazine editor.

Some como some go.

Comos come in orange, red, blue, black, metallic, not metallic, you name it... show us your favorite J Shoes!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baltimore Ravens + J SHOES

N.F.L.'s Baltimore Ravens
Spencer on the left ,Adam on the right.
Jarrid in the middle, isn't a small guy: He's 5'11" + 200 Lbs.
J SHOES custom made shoes
Sizes 14 - 21 (U.S.- whole & half sizes)
For more information about extended sizes visit
Rochester Big & Tall
Casual MaleShoes XL
(on line).

Baltimore Ravens | J SHOES | Custom Tailored Shoes

Always a pleasure to field requests for custom shoes!
Jarrid Adler, our colleague on the left is dwarfed.
Name our Baltimore RAVEN on the right.....

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maryland Institute College of Art @ J SHOES

J SHOES hosted M.I.C.A. Tuesday evening. Zvendana Stomjmirovic, Professor of Graphic Design and Shanna Kroiz, Professor of Jewelry and Advanced Concepts brought their class to J SHOES corporate offices.

What a rocking way to spend a day at school? Wish I had professors that were forward thinking and creative.

Students have been challenged to use J SHOES along side their class projects: fabricate couture clothing and jewelry. Finished work will be on display at THE WALTERS ART GALLERY (internationally recognized) and will be used in a fashion show for socialite's and contributors to the Institute.

"to give is to get" & "we do because we can!"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Limited Edition Kicks by J SHOES

Corporate Address
TBASE Inc. Ciano Farmer / : 727.461.3400

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cool Hunt

J Shoes & Carlos Campos
October 2008
In a world where the latest buzz is all about “design collaborations” it’s refreshing to see one that is seamlessly and intrinsically linked with outstanding results.
Carlos Campos is fast becoming a star-on-the-rise with his modern menswear collections featuring well-tailored pieces constructed using exceptional fabrics. His latest collection for Spring 2009 is a study in luxe sportswear with clean shapes, attention to detail and a clean palette of eggshell grey, crisp white and electric blue.

The matching shoe collection by J Shoes features all the same colors in patent, leather, canvas and the collection’s feature patterned fabric from as a highlight. Using J Shoes signature hand-crafted philosophy this collection merges function with form creating a new style of shoe that is neither classic nor casual but a comfortable in-between. The result is innovative, luxe footwear that just seems to “work” without trying too hard! – Kate Vandermeer

MICA Students Repurpose J SHOES

By Bret McCabe City Paper- Baltimore

A few weeks back J Shoes, whose corporate offices are based in Owings Mills, offered the Maryland Institute College of Art's Fibers Department the opportunity to re-purpose single shoes left over from its design samples. The proposed question:"Could a contemporary shoe be transformed into an entirely different object with an entirely different purpose?"

Sixteen undergrads accepted the challenge, and their resulting creations debuted last night in the Rosenberg Gallery on the second floor of the Brown Center. And what the students came up with--which range from the fashionably practical, such as gloves and hats and corsets, to entire dresses and even some outlandishly imaginative pieces--are fun, inventive, and witty. Personal faves include Samuel Shea's "Animal Mask," which looks like the patchwork rococo attempt of an okapi to camouflage itself as a camel (and was named the contest winner), and Cassie Gretshcel's "Eye Protection," which brings to mind what a Readymade-reading Penelope Pitstop might wear to match her handmade driving gloves in a road race around Iceland. The show runs through Oct. 15.

Art with a sole

Art with a sole
Students make articles from donated shoes
By Bryna

A shoe on your foot may be just a shoe. But a shoe in the hands of a student at Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore, may become a dress, some gloves, an animal mask or even binoculars.J Shoes, an international shoe manufacturer, recently asked students in a costume design class at MICA’s fiber department a question: “Could a contemporary shoe be transformed into an entirely different object with an entirely different purpose?”

The project was sparked when the shoe company, based nationally on Cronridge Drive in Owings Mills, was deciding what to do with the hundreds of half-a-pair of shoes they received for testing from the company factory in Thailand....

They had three weeks to complete their creations, which were then displayed in the Brown Center on Oct. 1.The students’ work was also judged by a panel consisting of the chairwoman of the fiber department, the editor of Style Magazine and representatives of J Shoes.The top three winners received prizes ranging from a pair of shoes to $300 in cash.Students said it was a fun way to work with a variety of fabrics.“I liked that I had the opportunity to work with new materials, such as leather, and it gave me the opportunity to deconstruct and reconstruct something,” said sophomore Sarah Konigsburg, whose finished product, a bag “with a heel,” won second place.

Professor Jessica Ford said the creations were successful across the board and also gave students a more pragmatic project.“There was clearly evidence of a lot of work and I think the students were passionate about it,” she said. “It was sort of a nice introduction to marketing for them. At art school, they are sort of focused on concept and idea.”The J Shoes exhibit runs until Oct. 15 on the second floor of the Brown Center at MICA, 1300 Mount Royal Ave., in Baltimore.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gossip Girl: November 10th!

Gossip Girl teen queen Taylor Momsen (aka Jenny Humphrey) cruises to the studio in New York sporting a pair of black empire boots by J SHOES. The 15-year-old up-and-coming actress looks stylish and ready for her close-up! Gossip Girl is an American television teen drama which revolves around the lives of socialite young adults growing up on New York City’s Upper East Side who attend elite academic institutions while dealing with teenage issues.
Gossip Girl has become a fashion staple among today’s young culture. The second season premiere of Gossip Girl aired last week drawing 3.4 million viewers ages 18 to 34. Taylor will wear her J SHOES in a November episode. UPDATE: EPISODE TO AIR November 10th!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Maryland Institute College of Art Collaboration

MICA art exhibit and Half Pair contest was a success!!! More to come!

adj posh [poʃ]

Hot Nashville retailer POSH hit the city with a hot party Friday night! Fashion show including hot clothing styles & J SHOES! Check out the models in Comos and Selmas. Looking smart! Great attendance and fun had by all. Terrah, one of our favorite little buyers.

BOWORN: many of mystery

Our esteemed colleague Mr. Boworn, carefully photographed here, has master the art of saying everything bye speaking nothing! Much like the late BRUCE LEE, Boworn's mojo and killer dance moves are legendary.

And for the luck ones, he's not to shabby with the 12 string either.

Bangkok || DRURY "in da house"

Nick D!

Far left during a costing meeting. Always an adventure trying to match the most elegant materials with the target prices.

Viroj - center / pondering ....exactly what we will do this evening! (Always memorable!)

Former J SHOES - USA intern

Anna Chin, graduate of TOWSON UNIVERSITY; was our marketing & pr intern during her senior year at college. After working with the US corporate office she accepted relocation and employment in Bangkok, Thailand.

How many small brands offer both internships & when business permits full time employment.

And of those, how many offer international business / career paths?

Bangkok | AW 2009 Product Forum

Calm, cool & collected!


Who administrates for J SHOES and our factories in Thailand. Mr. Viroj; a student of political history, making peace during a costing exercise!



When the dynamic duo joined J SHOES we anxiously anticipated their contributions!

Please to share, now returning from my first product forum with them, that early indications have exceeded my expectations.

Big deal? Yes..... this means footwear will commercialize with an improved vigor & expertise.

FABIO & LUANA (hopefully correctly spelled!)

Murphy / Juan Archictects

One of my all time favorite airports. For those who dig interior design and architectural you will appreciate the nuances associated with Bangkok's international airport.

I've already posted the quick facts about this impressive site. I'm excited to share the photographs I snapped from this past week's trip. Giving credit where it is due: the SUVARNABHUMI airport was designed by Murphy/Jahn Architects

The airport has 2 parallel runways (60 m. wide, 4,000 m. and 3700 m. long) and 2 parallel taxiways to accommodate simultaneous departures and arrivals. It has a total of 120 parking bays (51 with contact gates and 69 remote gates) and 5 of these are capable of accommodating the Airbus A380 aircraft. With a capacity of handling 76 flight operations per hour, both international and domestic flights will share the airport terminal but will be assigned to different parts of the concourse.

Four runways flanking two main terminals and two satellite buildings with a combined capacity capable of handling up to 100 million passengers and 6.4 million tonnes of cargo a year are on the drawing board.

SUVARANABHUMI || Autumn Winter 2009 Product

Suvarnabhumi Airport:

Official name Suvarnabhumi Airport. The name Suvarnabhumi was chosen by HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej which means "The Golden Land", specifically referring to the continental Indochina. "Golden Peninsula"or "Golden Land" is a traditional name for the Thailand-Cambodia-Laos-Burma region

How is it pronounced"su-wan-na-poom"

Hours of operation24 hours & an impressive array of facilities:

130 passport control checkpoints for arrivals, 72 for departures.
26 customs control checkpoints for arrivals, 8 for departures.
22 baggage conveyor belts.
360 check-in counters. There are 100 additional counters for passengers without luggage.
107 moving walkways.
102 elevators.
83 escalators.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hands of detail

While visiting POSH Boutique in Nashville -- I checked out the cultural fair in Centennial Park and found this man, I mean eye-balls of strengh, fantastic artist from Honduraus making these fine detailed pieces of art.

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Skylar Brothers hit it big and right with the first scripted internet comedy which just launched this week!

Watch the first two episodes to enjoy the incredible humor of these two brothers along with excellent co-stars. The buzz is starting -- people love the show! A 5 minute comedy to lighten your day! Check out pics of the brothers in the J SHOES NY showroom -- they LOVE the brand. Next up for them Chelsea Lately and Jimmy Kimmel!